Chester the best of the best  

Angel Bonilla

Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia

My dedication to Chester

Louise Binney


Chester's best scream  

Angel Bonilla

Manchester, UK

The LP logo with the flames was the first tattoo I ever got and I was lucky enough to show it to Chester in 2017. He said, "that's awesome!" and I was elated. Then, I got the memorial tattoo a few months after Chester passed and got to show Mike, as shown in the photo. He said it was beautiful and honestly I've never been more blessed. Now, I have a portrait of Chester on my calf to keep him with me wherever I go. Since I got it, I've used every chance I got to show it off. Pictures don't do it justice, but once again, Chester is helping me love myself and I couldn't be more grateful.

Hannah Turek

India/ Howrah

A small tribute

Sucharita Adhikary

Lombardia, italia

Lara Gelmi

Sherif Saber

The idea of having an idol and following them blindly, all that fuss and shit I don't like. The matter doesn't phase some people but Linkin Park as a whole is something different for me. The beginning was in 2009 and I was more into it by 2011, the matter wasn't just a band with incredible music but also incredible lyrics dealing with suffering, pain, sadness and sometimes happiness. It feels like someone is talking about you, I have my own stories with most of their songs. However, "Breaking The Habit" has the most impact on me. A band that got some people into my life who eventually became my family. A part of me, we shared a lot together. This band is an icon or a symbol of expressing feelings and pain, their lyrics aim at expressing what you can't express yourself. That is the reason why I'm so passionate about LP from 2009 to this very day. What I fear the most is them disbanding, or their relationship being broken, I never thought one day we'd lose one component of what made LP the band we all know.


Angel Bonilla

Bueno cuando conocí Linkin Park fue en unos de los peores momentos de mi vida, pues, aunque solo tenía 12 años sentía que todo el mundo era una basura... entonces comencé a seguir la vida de Chester y fue en ese momento que me di cuenta que a pesar que la vida no lo trataba bien el seguía adelante. Su sonrisa y carisma tan pura que reflejaba, era la que me motivaba y me daba el valor para hacer lo mismo luego a medida que iba creciendo fui enterándome más y más de él y ver como de a poco se derrumbaba y se perdía en la depresión fue un punto crucial para mi pues, ya estaba muy involucrado con Chester y cuando me entere de su muerte no lo pude creer sentía que algo dentro de mi exploto. No podía creer que mi ídolo ya no podría reflejar la sonrisa tan pura que me alegraba fue una noticia que hasta el día de hoy no puedo superar :(



He was great..... ❤


Lana Shkap

No one won't ever know how much the name "Chester Bennington" Means to me. None can make me feel someone is there for me just with words except him. I touched his soul without touching the case. Chester spoke to me. I got to know him through my brother when I was only 4. I wasn't able to spell music but I knew what's, Linkin Park. That time my father got expired of a sudden. My whole family fell in a hole so dark. I didn't know what was supposed to happen and what was happening. My brother used to listen to him walking on the roads in the evening with full volume putting one earphone when he's going through a pretty tough time. Every time a storm used to get passed every time we were losing each shit we used to listen to When I was 14 parents brought me to another foreign country. Then I was very angry about the act of my parents.No one asked for my opinion. They just kicked me out of my world. I was very lonely and I was angry with the whole world. Every day seemed to me like hell. I didn’t have a computer and I couldn’t communicate with my friends, and I couldn't make new ones. Many mocked me because I did not know the language. There was no one who could protect me. These terrible moments when I was just teenagers I met the music of Linkin Park. From the first notes, I realized that this is something native to me. Even when I wanted to die, your music gave me strength. Every time I sang with you under the old tape recorder. It seemed to me that I was not alone and all the pain went away. Then you became my support and my heroes. You have taken in my soul the place where there should be the most beloved and closed once. The day Chester has gone, It seemed to me that my whole world collapsed...I wanted to hug each of you. I wanted to support you. As once you have given me strength and support I wanted to repay you a debt. I know that I am one of a million. And I know that you never knew about me, but I want to say thank you for my life. I will always support you. I will always remember Chester. I will always be grateful to you. And I will always love you. Thank you, Mike! Than you Rob! Than you Mr. Hahn! Thank you David! Than you Brad! Chester ... Rest in peace... I'm trying to make you proud! I will always remember your smile and your strength! The strength that you gave us with your voice! rest in peace my hero, my Guardian angel! I will always remember you...



Lp on full volume. I didn't know how much I needed that then. From then things kept happening struggles kept getting harder. Chester was there with my words. Those songs made me those songs built me. Those songs tell me what I'm and what I'm not. Those songs those mine words helped me every freaking time and helped my breath. Each word made me cry my heart out. Those thought me I can hold on. Let's try one more time. And those songs are my songs, my words, my story.


Ayesha Alfar

As I got more infatuated to the band, they made me realize that experimenting with new and different things out of your comfort zone helps broaden our experiences and perspective in life. This is very essential if you want to be more daring and flexible. They helped me through hard times and debacles and I would like to express my gratitude to them due to the relevant advice they taught me.

Howrah, India

Sucharita Adhikary

From the age of 7, I'm listening to Linkin Park. Though I didn't understand the meaning behind then I liked it very much. Then I started understanding it slowly. And Chester became the idol of my life. When I was 13 I started celebrating his birthday in my own way. That always made me happy n everything was going well when I got the news about him on 20th July 2017. I didn't believe it at first but when I realized it was too late. My dad was also sick and he never liked international music much but he knew how much I loved him. He came to soothe me and that made me wonder. After 2 months from that day, I lost my dad as well. The two heroes of my life went out of my reach completely. N I am in a situation where whenever I need them by my side I feel alone.

Horsley, Australia


How is it that you're not here! After two years it still doesn’t feel real. Your voice commands our attention now as it has always done. There is not a day where I don’t struggle to comprehend the loss to the world and yet I understand why you had to leave. Your legacy is your voice, your strength, your humor, your love and zest for helping others. You will always be loved as long as your family, friends and soldiers breath air. Thank you for all the years you gave to us 💓, in return we give you our love, as Love Lives Forever

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kritika Maskey

The world without it has been 2 years. It hurts thinking of u that you're not here. But there's the sweetest moment of you all 6 guys and your videos songs and everything.we will definitely meet u in heaven. I promise u to make proud every single day. Rest easy and #MakeChesterproud Talinda is a strong woman. Thank you for your beautiful music ❤️


Bart Hermans

What I learned from Chester and LP, is that people can really benefit from music written from the heart. That’s one thing I will always keep doing. In honor of Chester, and as an honor to everyone who is going through difficult times. I hope to release an Album/EP This year, with music inspired by Linkin Park, and Mike Shinoda's music.

Toluca, México

Mara Gonzalez

I don't really do tributes because I get a little nostalgic, but I decide to play Linkin Park for me and my son, I want him to grow up knowing the good music 💖